Frack Free Chorley

& South Ribble

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Our Team



 We are residents of Chorley Borough, ordinary folks

 like you. We are Mums, dads, grandparents,sons and daughters,  professional working people, some are retired and others are stay at home mums. We care deeply about our family, our homes, our community, the environment and our health and have been called to work together to help all of us become aware of the dangers of fracking and protect our beautiful countryside,and the health of our children and childrens children, here in the borough of Chorley and South Ribble, Lancashire and the UK.

Get Involved


We need your help to get involved with us.

Come to the Public Meeting, sign the petition, tell your friends and family, spread the word at schools and colleges, like us on facebook.

Maybe you have specific skills like graphic design, I.T. or interested in helping to fundraise, want to offer a venue for meetings, can print leaflets, or banners.

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Sign the Petition


We have organised a petition to send to Chorley Borough Councillors  to declare the Borough of Chorley Frack Free. This will assist our local councillors to feed this information to Lancashire County Council on the views of residents in Chorley and surrounding villages,  which will help them when making the decision to grant or not grant the license applications for fracking in the area